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The first step in Alhea removal is to locate the program’s installer. Usually, you can find this file in the “Programs” category. The program can also be found under “Installations.” However, be aware that malicious programs may attempt to trick you into not reading the installation instructions. It is important to remove this program to prevent further damage to your PC.

Alhea is classified as a browser hijacker, which means that it corrupts your web browser settings and initiates questionable browsing activities. For example, it may change your search provider, default start page, and other settings without your knowledge. Browser hijackers are often distributed in freeware download bundles. This is because people often don’t check Advanced settings when installing freeware.

Althea is a flowering shrub in the Mallow family. It grows well in warm climates, and is a great choice for garden beds, terraces, balconies, and patios. It grows to a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used as a hedge, as a flower bed, or as a stand-alone plant.


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