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How do cards ‘talk’ in poker?

There are certain games where verbal statements are unimportant, and the display of things is what matters. In poker online, too, something like this prevails. One important phase in a game of poker online for free is ‘cards speak’. This means that what the player has in their hand is of much greater value than what they say they have. This article attempts to discuss this famous phrase prevalent in the game of poker.

Significance of Cards ‘Talking’ in Poker

  • When Cards Speak

Sometimes the players fail to recognise the hand they have. This isn’t something common in the case of experienced players, but it would be very wrong to say that it never happens. Sometimes the players throw their hands in the middle of the table and declare which card they possess. But it doesn’t matter what they declare. What matters is which card they show.

The phrase ‘cards speak’ comes in right here. The phrase could also simply mean that the cards speak for themselves. It also means that what the cards show is all that matters, and if that somehow doesn’t match what the players had declared, then that simply means that the cards only be ‘heard’.

  • Used in High Split Games

The phrase ‘cards speak’ is sometimes used regarding high split games too. Here, players reveal their hands at the end of the game, and the player who has the best hand takes away half of the pot. Not only one person shows what he has at the end of the game, but all the players do. Here, cards speak louder than the players, which becomes a deciding factor for where the money will go.

  • When Cards Fail to Speak

Though we have already discussed that what a card speaks is important and not what a player declares, that’s only sometimes the case. Thus in a game of poker, it is always advised to throw the cards down face up unless the player is 100% sure that they do not have cards of any value. No matter how good a player is, there’s always something that they tend to miss. Thus it is always feasible to believe that the player can have a better hand than he already has.

If the player wants their cards to speak volumes in the best possible way, then they must also not be face down. But that also means that the player has to be in hand when the game reaches the climax. If the player has folded and more money has been already paid into the pot, then having a better hand or not becomes irrelevant.


In poker games online, cards hold great significance. What they show is of even more importance than what the player says they have. Thus, for someone completely new to this field, it is important to know the significance of cards ‘talk’. It is, therefore, important to have a clear knowledge of poker online and the significance of the meaning that each card has.

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