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Grooveshark Is Coming Back

In a recent article, we looked at Grooveshark, a free music streaming service similar to Napster but in the cloud. The service was especially popular with musicians and artists, who could upload their own music for download and distribution to other users. But the company was also the subject of multiple lawsuits for copyright infringement. We’ll explore how Grooveshark works, and what its future may hold.

Grooveshark was a free music streaming service

A free music streaming service has been shut down by a court, but now a similar service is relaunching. Grooveshark was shut down earlier this year after six years of court battles. Its website attracted over 35 million users and had to delete music on other users’ computers after they uploaded it. Despite these troubles, it appears that the site’s founder and former employee, Shark, has put together a team to bring it back to life.

The legal battles with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment were the reason why grooveshark was shut down. The lawsuit was over the use of pre-1972 recordings. After the company was sued, other music groups sued. In addition to the Universal Music Group, EMI Music Publishing and Sony Music Entertainment filed lawsuits against the company. The legal battles led to a lawsuit from Grooveshark, but the company eventually settled the case and removed the songs.

It was a Napster in the cloud

Grooveshark was a peer-to-peer music distribution service. Users upload their own music to Grooveshark, and the site distributes it. It was decentralized and operated on a shoestring budget. In fact, the founders of Grooveshark dropped out of college, and they ran the company on no venture capital. But the founders weren’t able to avoid the legal ramifications of their decisions postinghub.

One thing that set Grooveshark apart from its competitors was its Community section. Users could see what their friends were listening to and follow their music. Besides this, they could connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts to Grooveshark to share playlists with others. In addition, users were able to find music by searching for artists they like by song, artist, album, and genre.

It allowed users to upload their own music

Founded in 2007, Grooveshark is a music-sharing site that allows users to share their music without paying royalties. The company recently became the target of a lawsuit brought by several labels over their lack of licensing. EMI, which is now owned by Universal, filed a suit against the company, claiming that Grooveshark had been selling illegal copyrighted sound recordings online without a license. According to the court ruling, Grooveshark’s servers contained 2,807 EMI-copyrighted sound recordings.

In addition to letting users upload their own music, the app also featured a community section. Users could follow other users to find out about their music and listen to their own playlists thoptvnews. Another feature of the service was that users could connect their social media accounts with Grooveshark. This way, they could easily find music by artist or genre. However, the company’s latest update will not be available until November 1.

It was a target of multiple lawsuits for copyright infringement

Grooveshark is a music-streaming site that has received a number of lawsuits over copyright infringement. The lawsuits allege that Grooveshark failed to follow DMCA requirements and has not provided users with safe harbor protection. Several of the lawsuits allege that Grooveshark has repeatedly abused the copyright infringement rights of musicians, artists, and other third parties.

Despite the fact that Grooveshark has been targeted by numerous lawsuits over copyright infringement, the company has continued to operate despite being the subject of multiple copyright infringement cases magazinemania. Grooveshark has been aggressively pushing the limits of safe harbor protections by introducing new features such as an Explore section that enables users to discover more music. The Explore section features links to the most popular songs from artists who are not signed to Grooveshark.

It was popular on the internet

As music streaming services go, Grooveshark is in a precarious legal position. While the company had a few victories in its fight against copyright lawsuits, in the end, it was sued out of existence by the major record labels. Its iOS and Android apps were subsequently pulled from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. And although it did roll out an HTML5 mobile app, it failed to strike any licensing deals with the major labels newsbench.


In the past, this music streaming service has also offered features such as social sharing, which allowed users to broadcast their playlists to their friends on Twitter and Facebook. The new feature of broadcasting allows users to become their own DJs online and broadcast their own personalized playlists newsstock. However, the feature of broadcasting is not available at this time, and it’s unlikely to come out until later this week. If you are looking to create your own broadcast, you can do so on Grooveshark’s website later this week.


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