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Best Time to Play Online Slots

The best time to play online slots is after midnight or early in the morning. Most people get tired early in the morning, which means that you’ll have less competition. On the other hand, Monday through Friday is considered bad luck for playing slots. Unless you’re working the weekend, try to avoid playing online slots on these days, as there will be lots of people sleeping and recovering from weekend parties. This means that you’ll have fewer competitors and a higher chance of hitting the big lpllive jackpots.

The best time to play online slots depends on the type of slots you’re playing. Some slots last for just one cycle, while others can last up to four or five. The manufacturers typically don’t divulge how long their machines run. You’ll probably have to experiment with different types of slot machines to determine the best time to play them.

Another factor that you can consider is the amount of traffic at online slots sites. During the day, fewer people are playing, and the more players there are, the faster jackpots hit. Evenings and nights are prime times for jackpots, but they can also happen at any time. Since slots are run by random number generators, there’s no definite time when the jackpot will hit.

There’s no perfect time to play online slots, but there are certain periods that you shouldn’t play during. For example, playing slots when you’re in a bad mood is not recommended. Also, try to avoid playing slots during thunderstorms as they can make your internet slow. If you’re a new player, it might be wise to play during non-stormy simasvip days.


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